Feldenkrais TMJ Program: Transcripts

As I do with nearly all of my products, I not only create a program and record it, but also create transcripts for those that want to teach and create their own workshops.

Every human being on this earth can evolve himself or herself by use sensory motor learning. You don’t need to be certified or to work with someone who is certified. That being said, it is, of course, useful to work with someone who understands the work and is evolving through the work. But the primary vehicle for change is yourself. If you want to buy my Feldenkrais TMJ Program mp3′ and transcripts and then use them to teach your own workshops – please do so*. I have finished the 5th transcript though I may create more or less depending on how I decide to sequence the movements and learning.

cheers for now – Ryan

*Use of the transcripts is at your own risk and subject to the laws of your locality.