Getting The Most Benefit

How to Benefit the Most from the Feldenkrais “Eliminate TMJ Pain NOW” series.

Here are the “short form” instructions:

Do these Feldenkrais TMJ Exercises while lying down the first few times. Later you can do them sitting in a chair. It is best to do them on a firm surface that does not have much too much padding. But if you can’t lie down on a floor or bed you can do them while sitting.

Go slowly when you do these session. Do less than you know that you can do, and stop if anything feels painful.

And here are the more detailed instructions:

The Eliminate TMJ Pain NOW series is based on the simple idea that we can learn to move easier, better and pain-free, when we pay attention to what we are doing and when we go slowly. Why? Because doing so will enable you to let go of, and eliminate inefficient movement that is causing TMJ pain and strain.

Before you begin, there are several things that you should know about the series. First off, when you do the sessions they should not cause pain – not ever!

If any of the movements seem to cause pain or strain – stop immediately. I am not saying that for some legal reason, I am saying that because these sessions will work the best when you are relaxed. The more relaxed you can become the better they will work for you. And pain takes you away from improving the process of learning to move better. These sessions are designed to improve how you move. Part of that is paying attention, in detail to how you move and how you can improve your movement (on both conscious and unconscious levels). If what you are doing is causing pain or causing you pain to increase, then you cannot focus on ease, comfort, and improvement. As you will hear me say many times in the sessions, “It is your comfort that is important here. Ok? Take care of yourself.

Activities such as working out and exercising and yes, even strain and pain, do have their place. But here, we are doing something different. We are doing less than we know that we can do and we are doing it easier and gentler. This will help you to have optimal learning and relaxation.

Many of you might not believe such simple and slow movements can benefit you so greatly, but if you follow my instructions, you will begin to feel changes within the first session.

I have noticed over time that different people tend to get different benefits from the sessions. In fact, you might experience a session differently each time that you do it. For this reason, I encourage you to repeat the sessions in the way that seems most useful to you. The first time that you do the series it is best to do them in order. But after that, you can choose to do the sessions in whatever order that you wish. Repeat the ones that seem most satisfying to you and stay away from ones that seem less useful or that you like less. Perhaps after a certain period of time, you can go back and re-do the lessons that you did not originally like. You may find them easier and more pleasant.

When you do the lessons is entirely up to you, but for the sake of variety and increased learning, I do recommend that you change the time of day and the context now and then. That is, change when you do them and change where you do them.

Some people do them right before going to bed so that they can sleep easier. This is a great way to do it. Some people prefer to do them in the morning, feeling that it will help them to have an amazing day. Still, others find a way to do the lessons during the middle of the day – such as during lunchtime – and they find that this de-stresses and invigorates them. People do them at work and at home. However, you do them is up to you. Just find a way that is most satisfying and useful to you.

You may experience some of the following as “side effects”:

* Increased focus and ability to concentrate.
* Daily movements seem easier and less effortful.
* Movements seemingly unrelated to your TMJ will become better.
* You’ll have more energy.
* You’ll sleep better.

Remember to send me an email, if you have any questions or if you just want to share your experiences of these sessions. I’d love to hear how much they have helped you.

I answer all of my emails personally, and I can be reached at

Have fun, relax, and learn!

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