“Are You Suffering From TMJ Pain? Or Pain and Strain in Your Jaw, Neck or Face?

“Eliminate Your Pain In Just Minutes Per Day WITHOUT Painful and Expensive TMJ Surgery or Dental Devices.”

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TMJ Program Creator Ryan Nagy

My introduction to Ryan’s work was his TMJ series. It gave me comfort in my jaw and neck the first time I did a session. This comfort level continued to increase as I did more of it– until I did not need it anymore! – Tami Coleman

I cured my TMJ symptoms and teeth grinding habit over 16 years ago and since then I have helped hundreds to do the same. I can help you too. My system of gentle Feldenkrais movements are simple and easy to do and will actually retrain your brain to move your jaw with LESS effort and MORE efficiency so that your muscular pain simply melts away…there no longer is a need for your nervous system to send “pain signals” to your brain because your muscles are no longer in “the red zone.”

I know that may sound complicated, but I have to assure that even children can follow the simple movement instructions that include on each downloadable and simple-to-use audio session.


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The TMJ Secret That Dentists Do Not Want You To Know

When I first started offering this program to the public on August 31st, 2010, I had my doubts that people would buy it. The scientific knowledge about TMJ used to be so limited, and the treatments so expensive and invasive, that I didn’t really think anyone would try my program. Who would believe that a few gentle Feldenkrais exercises would be more effective than some expensive “corrective” device or surgery?

Well, the research is now in from a variety of reputable sources: Surgery and dental devices and such have limited effect. Some are even considered dangerous. Science is catching up to what myself and other Feldenkrais practitioners have been doing for many years. The National Institute of Health has said it quite plainly:

“treatments that have not been proven to be effective – and may make the problem worse – include orthodontics to change the bite; crown and bridge work to balance the bite; grinding down teeth to bring the bite into balance, called “occlusal adjustment”; and repositioning splints, also called orthotics, which permanently alter the bite.”

If your dentist wants to do any of the above to you, get the heck out of there!!

Surgery for TMJ? The Research Says NO!

Again, from the National Institute of Health:

“Surgical replacement of jaw joints with artificial implants may cause severe pain and permanent jaw damage. Some of these devices may fail to function properly or may break apart in the jaw over time…Persons undergoing multiple surgeries on the jaw joint generally have a poor outlook for normal, pain-free joint function. Before undergoing any surgery on the jaw joint, it is extremely important to get other independent opinions and to fully understand the risks.”

What Will Cure YOUR TMJ-Pain? My Feldenkrais Audio Sessions!

Before, I show you how Feldenkrais Can Help You, read what major research institutions say about getting rid of TMJ pain and related problems.

The National Institute of Health one of the largest and well-funded research institutions in the world noted that “Conservative and reversible treatments for TMJ should ALWAYS precede permanent changes to a patient’s teeth or surgery.”

In other words corrective surgery and implants should be a last resort.

And Feldenkrais? Read what one of my many satisfied users have said about the program:

“I’ve had TMJ all of my life. I’ve tried so many exercises from youtube and forums and elsewhere, but nothing worked like this did! I was so relaxed while doing the exercises that I wanted to fall asleep! Thank you, Ryan. I’m so happy to finally find relief from this everyday struggle!” – Ashley Longo

You do not need expensive surgery to get rid of your symptoms nor do you need some expensive and uncomfortable device. Heal yourself, step-by-gentle-step with safe, effective (and downloadable!) TMJ pain relief session. You will begin getting relief from the very first minutes of the first session. See for yourself how they begin to relax you, relax your muscles and help you get your life back.

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) wrote that: “Simple self-care practices are often effective in easing TMJ symptoms.” And that is simply the truth – simple self-care practices where you easily and safely learn better more effective ways of moving are very often – in fact most often – the best cure for TMJ Pain.

Even insurance companies are waking up to the new truth about TMJ (and they certainly have reason to – they love to save money!). Here’s how AETNA health insurance’s thoughts can be summed up: “There is strong evidence for the effectiveness of jaw exercise and relaxation therapy for TMJ.”

Are you beginning to feel some hope? I’m going to spare you the details of what I went through years ago to get rid of my TMJ pain and muscular tension. I was actually very lucky because as a Feldenkrais practitioner, movement scientist, and graduate student I was able to quickly find the information that I needed to get rid of my pain and then to create this program to help others. I have access to thousands of pages of Feldenkrais sessions and research data and was able to pull out EXACTLY the movement lessons and strategies needed to make the quickest impact on healing TMJ in the least amount of time.

Simple self-applied Feldenkrais sessions can have a greater impact on TMJ and at a fraction of the cost of over the treatments.

If my system does not work for you, email me (you will get my personal email when you purchase) and I will give you your money back no questions asked. You owe it to yourself to get rid of your TMJ symptoms WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars or getting painful surgery.

The Feldenkrais TMJ Cure

With those thoughts in mind, and with my 21-years experience as Feldenkrais Practitioner, I offer to you – my Feldenkrais TMJ cure. But before we go further. I need to know what type of symptoms you have.

Do you have any of these TMJ symptoms?

Pain in your Jaw. Particularly in the chewing muscles, jaw joint or around your ears?

Limited movement or locking of your jaw?

Clicking, popping, or grating sounds when opening your mouth?

Difficulty chewing?

Frequent Headaches?

A sudden change in the way your upper and lower teeth fit together?

If you have any of the symptoms above or have been diagnosed with TMJ, you may benefit from my revolutionary TMJ Program. I cannot guarantee 100% relief for everyone of course – we are all unique. But if it does not work for you, I will give you your money back – no questions asked.

“Ryan, why does your system work for the symptoms listed above?”

Because the symptoms above are usually caused by limited, habitual movement patterns that are relatively easy to change. You simply need to use the right movement technique. All of which are included in my feldenkrais program.

Your TMJ can likely be cured with the subtle neuromuscular re-education techniques found in my Feldenkrais TMJ program. Notice that I said “likely.” Nothing works for everyone. And the human body and mind is very complex. Likewise, I’m not a doctor and cannot give you medical advice. However, the TMJ symptoms above are very “plastic.” That means they are highly changeable and the underlying causes can often be dealt with quickly and pain free.

How To Eliminate Your TMJ Pain Now

The Eliminate TMJ Pain Now Program includes gentle, sensory motor movement techniques that you can begin using immediately. Each session is easy to do – even children can use these sessions. And they help you automatically learn the movement patterns that melt away pain. The unconscious holding patterns that had caused your muscles to overwork and to be in pain simply disappear. Once your muscles relax and move better, your pain melts away.

There is nothing to learn or memorize with my program! It is designed to tap directly into your body’s innate potential to learn.

Once you have been through the series, your body simply KNOWS what to do so the pain stays AWAY. Gain comfort and eliminate pain. You don’t have to think about it, or memorize anything complex. You may, of course, want to re-use the session at some point to keep the learnings intact. In fact, you may want to do the sessions just because they feel good and are so relaxing! (I have one customer who uses them to go to sleep at night! She listens to them right before bed!)

And just to make sure that your pain relief is complete and long lasting, guided somatic visualization exercises are included within several of the sessions. I know that’s a complex term. But it’s just a technique that allow you to “generalize” your new movement pathways so that they are learned and available whenever you need them – at work or home – during the day or while you sleep. This will help you get permanent pain relief.

And I have integrated subtle cognitive-behavioral reframes – another research-based technique – which will orient your mind to symptom reduction and complete pain relief – starting from the very first session.

Not only will your TMJ pain go away, but you will have more range of motion and better functioning of your jaw and face, neck and shoulders. And as a “side effect” you will get to feel more relaxed in general!

Eliminate TMJ Pain Now is a complete system. It contains everything that you need to reduce and eliminate your pain and it is instantly downloadable so that you can begin getting relief in moments. Here’s what you will get:

  • Primary Movements of the Jaw
  • Some people get relief with JUST this session!

  • Shoulder, Neck and Jaw Connections
  • Getting rid of excess tension in your neck and shoulders will also help you to concentrate better and have more energy during the day.

  • Head and Jaw Integration
  • Crucial if you work at a computer or desk for long periods.

  • Eyes and Jaw Integration
  • Also helps to eliminate eye strain!

  • Relax Your Tongue
  • Not found anywhere else and almost never treated. Tongue tension is nearly always “unconscious” and can have a dramatic effect on your symptoms.

  • Relax Your Lips
  • I know, sounds weird! But it works!!!

TMJ Bonus Exercises

There are movements related to your TMJ that can reduce your TMJ pain symptoms and stop them from recurring. To help you with that, I am also including – for free – two of my best selling Feldenkrais mp3′ series for TMJ health “TMJ Total Relaxation Breathing” and “Improve Your Posture While Sitting To Reduce TMJ Strain” Each of these series is included at no-cost and each can further help you to relax and learn.Here’s what you get:

TMJ Total Relaxation Breathing Exercises

Discover complete relaxation through breathing and stop stress that can make you clench your jaw. These sessions help keep the pain away and they feel SO good. Three sessions and over 60 minutes:

  • Contracting the Abdomen While Breathing
  • Breathing While Twisted
  • Breathing In All Directions (very powerful session, a favorite)

Better Posture While Sitting To Reduce TMJ Strain

Poor sitting habits at a desk or computer can lead you to strain your TMJ without you even realizing it. For example, people when you habitually tilt your head down, your jaw and tongue can clench unnecessarily leading to strain. Designed to help you get relief while sitting in your chair, these session are also great for learning how to sit comfortably and without stress or pain. Great for laptop users and those who sit at a desk for long periods. Do these Feldenkrais sessions anywhere you can sit down! Concentrate better, feel better, gain increased flexibility and comfort. Get rid of back pain or just FEEL better while sitting. Your choice!

Four sessions and over 80 minutes. Here’s what you will get:

  • Turning Right and Left in Your Chair (For increased comfort and range of motion)
  • Opening and Folding (wonderful for laptop users)
  • Chasing Your Hip (silly title, but brilliant session)
  • Full Sitting Integration (put it ALL together!!)

Thirteen Total TMJ Relief Sessions: Over 240 minutes of Feldenkrais TMJ Pain Relief (Transcripts Included)

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An email with download instructions is sent within seconds of your purchase. If you have any problems, I am here to help.

Thirteen Total TMJ Relief Sessions: Instant Access (Transcripts Included)

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  1. In 1983, I had surgery on my upper jaw to move it back because I had TMJ and an “open overbite.” After the surgery healed, I had braces for a year or so. I am now 65 years old and I have severe obstructive sleep apnea and use a bi-pap machine every night. I also have severe hearing loss in the high frequency range and wear hearing aids. My hygienist noticed my lower front teeth were “loose” when she was scraping them, but the dentist asked me to bite down and said I couldn’t be putting pressure on them and he thought it was “within normal motility”. BUT, I have noticed I clench my teeth all the time, and more so at night. Will these exercises help me? Thank you.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for the question. I do not think it will help the tinnitus, but in terms of finding some comfort and pain reduction I can almost guarantee the sessions will help. It sounds like you have some unconscious habits of clenching and using too much force with the jaw and that is exactly what my sessions are designed to help.

      If for some reason, they do not help you, let me know and I will refund your money.

      If you do buy the sessions, will you keep me posted on how well they do for you?


  2. Hi,I began to have TMJ disorder about 5 years after my extensive mouth restoration(implants and crowns,whole mouth) and already tried orthotic (with neuromuscular dentist) without success ,after 5 months of wearing it 24/7 I am still in pain.Does your program help in case teetha are not natural but already “retouched2 by a dentist professional? Thanks.

    1. Hi Juana,

      Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear about the pain your are in. At this point, you need to find ways to relax your nervous system and muscles and find some relief and space to move pain free. My system a great option. And after you go through it, you can do more Feldenkrais sessions to help you move easier. I cannot say how well it will work as every person is different. But now is likely a good time to find what you can do on your own without painful surgery (that will likely not work anyway).

      Good luck. And keep me posted on your progress?



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