Free Feldenkrais TMJ Exercises

Here are two of my Feldenkrais TMJ Exercises that you can do right now to feel how my Feldenkrais TMJ program can help you.

As with any Feldenkrais-based session, go slow, rest whenever you want to, and always do LESS than you can do. And never do any movement that causes pain or discomfort.

Free Session #1. Primary Movements of the Jaw (26-minutes)

Some people get relief with JUST this first session, that is why I am giving it to you for free. In this session, you will learn some of the most important movement patterns for letting go of your TMJ pain and increasing the ease and comfort of the movements of your jaw.

And as the muscles and joints of your jaw are interconnected and related to muscles in your neck, spine, face, and other parts of yourself, you will find a pronounced relaxation effect in those areas, as well as a parasympathetic response that helps to increase your comfort and relaxation in general. Just click and play from any internet-enabled device with speakers or headphones:

Or click to download and save to your device for offline use: primary movements of the jaw.

Free Session #2. Shoulder, Neck and Jaw Connections (25-minutes)

This short TMJ exercise will improve the coordination between your jaw, neck, and shoulders and help you create increased comfort in those areas. Many people do not realize that they can let go of tension in their neck and shoulders

Or click to download and save to your device for offline use: shoulder neck and jaw connections (tmj).