Feldenkrais and TMJ on the Internet

I’ve noticed that more people are writing about the use of Feldenkrais for eliminating TMJ pain. Here’s a short blog post on the “Inside Awareness website: TMJ: Why Feldenkrais?

Feldenkrias TMJ Classes

Judy Katz is teaching some classes in Canada at Selkirk College: TMJ Health: A Restorative Feldenkrais Workshop. There is a practitioner in Australia with some classes coming up: Townsville (Pimlico) – Easier TMJ and mouth functioning.

I don’t have a list of ongong TMJ classes. But if you want to attend a live one, search for: “feldenkrais tmj workshop” or feldenkrais tmj classes” on google and see what comes up.

Feldenkrais TMJ mp3 downloads

Feel free to try my TMJ mp3 downloads. If they do not work for you, you can get your money back – no questions asks. (The reason that I can make that offer is that the symptom reduction and elimination begins to happen almost immediately). This stuff works: Feldenkrais TMJ Relief.