CBD Oil for TMJ Pain??

I was not expecting to make this post about CBD oil and TMJ pain. And I will say right away that I am not an expert on the topic nor am I making any recommendations. But I wanted to say that I put some CBD oil on my jaw, neck, and face and it gave me a deep relaxing feeling that lasted for about 24 hours.

I only put the oil on the right side of my face. And I only did so as an afterthought after using it to massage my girlfriend’s shoulder and back. It was actually her CDB oil. I was quite surprised during the night and the next day when I felt a clear difference on the right side of my jaw and face. The area was more relaxed and…hard to put into words. I had more pleasant sensations there.

I only did it that one time, so that’s all I can say about it for now. I would be interested to know if people have used CDD oil to get ride of TMJ pain.